Peschiera Borromeo

Peschiera Borromeo

Eureko is the company that manages the Peschiera Borromeo plant, in the province of Milan, dedicated to the treatment of non-hazardous and hazardous special waste from construction and demolition activities or from excavations and remediation of polluted sites.

The plant is authorized to process 250,000 tons per year with a total plant capacity of 250 t / h on two separate treatment lines. The plant has an authorized storage for incoming waste for 9,900 cubic meters and large yards for the storage of End of Waste materials obtained from waste treatment for a total area of 34,000 square meters.

Located in one of the largest extraction poles in Lombardy, the site was born in 1989 based on the principles of the circular economy with the aim of replacing virgin materials with recycled aggregates in civil engineering works, contributing to sustainable waste management.

Since 2009, the production system has been certified by third parties and the products obtained from the waste are CE marked according to the UNI-EN reference standards for the various sectors of use.

Since 1989 Eureko has managed a crushing and sorting plant for "inert" waste deriving from the civil and industrial demolition sector, for recovery, with an efficiency of around 98%, and the consequent production of certified recycled aggregates for civil engineering works - as road foundations and embankments - to replace natural aggregates resulting from excavation.

Since 2005, on the same site, Eureko has installed and managed a Soil Washing plant, for the treatment of special non-hazardous and hazardous waste with an earthy matrix, aimed at the recovery, with efficiency up to 80%, of such waste and the production of recycled aggregates such as sand and gravel, certified for the production of concrete, replacing virgin raw materials.

Eureko has always paid the utmost attention to the surrounding environment: from the design of the plants to the construction of tree barriers - even valuable ones, for a better integration in the agricultural context - from the attention to energy consumption to the management of water resources with treatment and recirculation of process water and its reintegration with rainwater collected in the area, minimizing consumption and water discharges. Large tanks are installed in the area for the collection of rainwater and two treatment plants to allow its reuse and discharge in compliance with the legal parameters.

In addition, the site can count on an analysis laboratory for the control of the effluents.

To date, EUREKO has contributed to the circular economy with:

  • Over 800,000 tons of waste with an earthy matrix treated in landfills
  • 450,000 tons of sand sold to replace excavation sand.
  • Over 800,000 tons of recycled aggregates for road foundations, yards, ballast, to replace virgin excavation materials.