On-Site and Ground Water Remediation


Soil washing activities that allow the recovery of the mining components discarding clays and humic Substances, that allows concentration of contamination in the finest fractions and recovery of up to 80% of the treated soil for on-site reuse with savings in raw materials and reduced CO2 production.

Thermal desorption

Technology that allows the removal of volatile and semi-volatile contaminants from soils by heating the soil and recovering the contaminant fractions. GTH has developed and applied the technology with both in situ and on-site applications

SVE (Soil Vapor Extraction)

Designed for volatile organic pollutants dispersed in the soil. This technology works by introducing air into the soil to accelerate natural degradation for eventual recovery by capture in air treatment plants.

ISCO (In-Site Chemical Oxidation)

Organic pollutants contaminating soil and in groundwater are chemically oxidized with specific product injections through a network of wells.

Landfill mining

The removal of old landfills provides opportunities to apply waste separation and sorting technologies leading to their valorization as materials and as feedstock for CSS production. A new frontier for the remediation of old landfills