Off-Site Remediation

Excavation & Waste Disposal

Excavation, sorting and disposal of polluted soils and waste off-site at authorized facilities

In cases where the use of on-site technological solutions is not permitted or economically and environmentally disadvantageous in relation to project objectives, work is carried out through excavation and physical removal of polluted soils and then proceeding to their transfer to authorized facilities for final treatment.

Bio Remediation

Bio remediation is mainly applied to the treatment of soil and water contaminated with organic pollutants and hydrocarbons. Numerous remediation operations have been carried out at brownfield sites where decades of production activity has caused pollution of soils and ground and surface water.

GREENTHESIS has developed technology that enables it to produce on site selected biomasses necessary for the breakdown of pollutants using a mobile system of specific bio-reactors. The microorganisms used are all natural, carefully selected, non-genetically modified and meet EF.B (European Federation of Bio-technology) Class 1 standards.

This technology reduces the handling and disposal of polluted soils with significant savings also in terms of CO2 emissions, promoting the remediation of the area in a short period of time with low costs and the possibility of reusing the previously contaminated soil.

Mobile Installations

Design, implementation and operation of mobile plants

GREENTHESIS has modular mobile plants authorized to treat solid and liquid wastes, soils and contaminated water, present in Italy and United Arab Emirates.

Allowing on-site remediation to be implemented, the plants enable the overall environmental impact to be significantly contained by reducing off-site disposals and intervention costs.