With the implementation of the project, a large part of the biogas produced by the various lots of the Borgo Montello landfill, today used to produce electricity with continuous cycle generators, will instead be converted into biological natural gas and subsequently liquefied (Liquefied Natural Gas LNG) at temperature around - 150 ° C to be then sold to the automotive market as a fuel from renewable sources.

The expected production of LNG is estimated at around 2,000,000 kg / year thanks to the transformation of approximately 6,000,000 Nm3 / h of landfill biogas. The biomethane used for transport will allow the journey of 58,000,000 km which, with an average of 20,000 km per year by means of transport, can power up to 2,900 cars, with a total saving of over 10,000,000 kg of CO2 per year.

Biomethane can be used, as it is or mixed in any percentage with natural gas, without technical limitations and no technological changes, in vehicles already running on natural gas for light and heavy transport, in urban distribution of goods, in public transport and in the short term. , also in agricultural mechanization.

With the largest number of methane vehicles in circulation in Europe, already perfectly suited to the use of this fuel, biomethane is the only biofuel of national production to achieve the EU objectives, which provide for the obligation of 10% to 2020.